Sunday, January 12, 2014

Strength and Style - the wren

Diana Taylor looking all wren-like in brown and grey

Diana Taylor remains a woman to watch.  Though out of the limelight now that her term is up as official companion to the former New York Mayer Bloomberg, a run for political office is still a strong possibility.  I  lover her no nonsense approach to dressing, and that she looks like a woman of a certain l'age, meaning her face looks like a real woman's face.  So lovely.

She's really nailed that fine balance of looking totally put together without appearing to have fussed, and having something close to corporate uniform as these glimpses of style attest.

Again that brown and grey - from NYT article

And then there's the hair. Have you been following the hair chronicles for power women?  The higher you climb the more perfect the hair must be.  It's exhausting.  The gender hair gap conversation reawakened by this ad for shampoo.  So here Diana scores again - look at her fussless do.  This is a woman who could actually go for a run at lunch and then grab a shower and look entirely presentable - as her male counterparts do.  We've really got to get beyond standards that just add another thing to the already too full plate.  Ok, enough you say.

Hats off to you Diana!  What will you do next?


  1. Hello again! I've missed your posts -- this one is a good example of why. I'd missed the shampoo ad, but was dismayed by the recent focus on Hillary's hair.Diana's appeals to me -- looks as if she does wash-and-wear hair, just as I do, albeit with very different results. Really, who has time for more than 5, 10 minutes' hair-grooming?!

  2. Hi Mater, thanks so much for coming back for a visit - and more for missing my posts! Yes, hair is one of the last gender bias frontiers. We'll have to start that revolution ourselves (what else is new?). Your tumbling curls are such a great natural solution. I've started to wash and just let it dry without touching it. Seems my hair is quite wavy and even more so thanks to the onslaught of grey. I like it although worry a bit that I might look a bit witchy. That's with a 'w' not a 'b'. :)

  3. bravo . . . release the waves. . . ;-)