Saturday, August 3, 2013

Masterful menswear for women

Masterful combo of blue and brown, menswear and womenswear.
Blue and brown is just so absolutely sublime.  While in my mind all blue and brown just works, this combo matches mid tones just beautifully.  Mid-brown (maybe rust) with mid-blue (not quite navy).

And the bag is wonderful - a lovely little handbag.  And the relaxed hair.  It just works in a very Lauren Hutton way.

I'm up next.

[Photo source:  Tommy Ton]


  1. A love the menswear look on women. Not sure the colour of the shirt would suit me I would probably change it for a green tone.

  2. Wonderful, and those mid tones are so flattering. If the jacket were black, and the shirt a brighter colour it would look hard.The nonchalantly turned up cuffs on the jacket add something too.

  3. This and your last post (on Lauren Hutton) are favourites of mine -- I've long admired her looks, style, and spirit. And I really like this colour combo, especially in a menswear look, although the tucked-in shirt never works for me as I wish it would . . . . Oh, for a few more inches of torso length!

  4. Chic: Yes, I'm not sure about the colour for me either - green would be fabulous.

    Parthenope: You are so right there! Black and white would change everything. The ease with which she wears it is very Lauren Hutton. And frankly, it's quite rare for any of the male photo bloggers to photograph any woman over the age of 22. Of course, the men range in age with many in l'age. So annoying.

    Mater: I have just the opposite problem - if I'm untucked I'm all torso and short legs. Does it help to add a skinny belt at the waist around an untucked shirt?