Saturday, January 18, 2014



An odd outfit but somehow compelling.

What's the appeal? 

Well, I do like a carpetbag, must be a hangover from Mary Poppins.  I love horizontal stripes, although this sweater looks vaguely athletic or certainly preppy.  And then the shoes ... personally, I do need a strap across my foot and admire the sheer weightiness of these heels.  Then a yellow bag - bold.  And finally the severe (yet simple) hair.  It's all soft and casual except for the extremes. 

Severe top, severe toe.  Brocade and graphic in between.  Strangely brilliant.

What do you think?  Have I lost it now?

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  1. Hmmm, I don't think it works, but there's definitely something (her confidence, at the very least, the strength of the lines and contrasts) that compels the eye -- obviously, or the Sartorialist wouldn't have snapped the outfit. . . For me, it's too much a mix of different modes or aesthetics -- the romantic coat, the sporty sweater. . . and the shoes are too fashion-y/impractical for me to be convincing with what I read from the other pieces. . . . but I just spent words and thought on the overall effect, so definitely catchy. . .