Thursday, February 24, 2011

DV Style - The Jersey Scarf

I think you've caught my drift by now. Yes, the jersey triangle/scarf/wrap is quite a brilliant little accessory and jazzes up even the simplest combo. Minimal, sculptural, and in red really quite piratical (another new word for you ... meaning pirate-ish - "look it up" as Madame herself would say).

Where to find a jersey triangle, that is the question. In Mrs. Vreeland's case it was probably cashmere. I'm so compelled I may actually haul out the sewing machine. Leave it to Diana Vreeland to demonstrate incomparable style well into her '80s.


  1. And this is just why you are so brilliant at this! Please do haul out your sewing machine, and get the 'piratical' revolution going. I'm more than ready, Mrs. C.! Bravo.

  2. It is a great accessory. I haven't quite mastered scarves yet but I'm persevering.

    You asked in your last comment about Yasmin Le Bon - I'm reliably informed she has very tiny injections of botox but not too much to look frozen xx