Wednesday, March 23, 2011

All in the detail

As much as I love all black and feel that one should listen to the canny advice of Frenchwomen whenever possible (Secrets of Style French chic thoughtfully shared by Une Femme) I must say I prefer colour and pattern, and frankly a lot of both.

Of course, if I could just stick to black and maybe venture out into grey occasionally it would simplify and reduce my sock/legging/tight drawer, not to mention allowing a few carefully selected clothes to simply hang unimpeded in a well-ventilated closet.

Alas, I continue to fool with combinations and computations of clothes within my closet. I do find, however, that a few stalwart pieces make their way into many an outfit. One of these I'm showing above - the red patterned jersey shirt (from H&M no less). It's extremely versatile because it works with solids and, because the print is sufficiently small, it also pairs up rather nicely with other smallish prints - hence the blue dots.

Like the great DV, I do love a leopard print. Always have, always will. Of course, this skirt is usually paired with a black t-shirt (one must grocery shop, after all) but for a bit of fun I can cause alarm by adding this bright and sunny orange. The bone scarf and belt tone it all down - or not, depending upon your point of view.

And finally, just as I'd written a scathing comment on a post featuring Burberry's Spring Collection written by the lovely A Femme d'Un Cetain Age displaying sheer disgust for an all snakeskin patterned collection (green, blue and ruched?) I noticed a little further back in my own closet this snakeskin skirt. Well, shame on me. But I maintain mine is better and so casting aspersions on other people's snakeskin remains completely justifiable. Gulp.

I really must learn to review my own closet before commenting elsewhere. Could it mean I have too many clothes?

Now to conclude this post and actually make a point, I don't think one needs to play it too safe in l'age. And since it gives me so much pleasure, when any number of other things about l'age do not, I'll just stick with it.


  1. Oh I love the orange you mind me asking what the brand is?
    I see your adventurous spirit in the way that you dress...light and energetic!

  2. Love all three brilliant combinations. You're inspiring me to really try to look at prints with an open mind instead of avoiding them all together on clothing. Hopefully, a resolution to work on for the next 6 (or so) decades to come. Bravo, Mrs. C.! P.S.: Great shots, btw!

  3. This post really resonates with me, strolling the streets of Paris. Much as I admire the Parisienne's style, I am currently trying to reconcile their sophisticated but subdued love of neutrals with my more adventurous (North American?) approach. I do love colour and print!

  4. Hostess, it's good old Jones of New York. I think a couple of years old now but holding it's own because even I don't wear orange all that often!

    Mrs. V, I'm so glad you like the combos. And I know you've got the prints to mix, Madame.

    Mater, you're still in Paris. I'm aching. Anyway, maybe it is a N.A. thing. I saw a lot more colour in Italy. As great as Frenchwomen are, I think those Italy ladies have got it going on.

    Thanks to all for visiting!

  5. They're all great but the last one is my favourite - I love it. Have a great weekend xx