Sunday, November 14, 2010

I love her style

Love her style in all its glory here,

Because she's original.
Because she's in her '60s and hasn't thrown in the towel.
Because she ages with style.
Because she wrinkles and lines with panache.
Because she has a sense of humour.
Because she's kinda crazy.
Because she became a mom on her '50s.
Because she proves that covering it is better than flaunting it.
Just because.


  1. YES! One of my all time favorite women.
    I love Diane Keaton because elle est bien dans sa peau, tout simplement! Her image pops up in my head ever time I marvel at leather gloves.

  2. Ms. VSp, did you see here leather tunic? Last slide of the NYT slide show. You might like that ....

  3. How did you guess? I am CRAZY about that gorgeous tunic!!!! See? She can show a bit more than she typically does and WOW! L'age can pull it off, no question. Now, I'm also just Crazy, crazy, crazy about that turtleneck she's got under the tunic with the thumb holes. Isn't amazing? So simple yet, so fantastic. I have to say, I'm an unconditional lover of jumpers and tunics and can rarely pass on either. Keep posting, please! I'm enjoying your blog tremendously and yes, the Hermes en rouge is pretty fab.