Tuesday, November 16, 2010

The other double C brand, Part I

Sure, there's Coco's double C brand but did you know about the other double C? As in Cornell.

I can't go on enough about the thoughtful design behind these beautiful bags. But I must warn you, its glory days are long since passed. While still available at Sears (at least here in the great white North), quality has suffered over the years. The fine bags they once were can now only be found at thrift stores, or on the crook of of an ageing beauty's arm. There appear to be secondary lines around but these are not worth their nylon linings. The real mcCoy are made of leather, lined in suede, featuring every pocket (often zippered) and sleeve a woman needs to organize her bag, and her life. There's inevitably at least one external pocket (often discretely designed into the overall line of the bag) because, of course, no woman worth her salt has time to go rummaging around the inside of her bag for keys. We're just too busy!

The most important feature of all - and I can't say enough on this matter - is the fully resolved zipper tag. The butt end of the zipper is always (a detail even found in the most dressed-down, vinyl version of this bag)discretely snapped to the side fold of the bag. Truly a thing of beauty.

Since one post just isn't enough, more tomorrow.


  1. Those are the most beautiful bags I've ever seen! I personally love the purple one. My, you have the most amazing collection of Cornell bags ever!

  2. Sans paroles, ma tres chere... hoping to find something intelligent to say by the next post, maybe. Please keep them coming.

  3. Wow, lovely bags and amazing hardware and detailing, as you suggest. Have never seen a "C" handbag on my thrifting ventures but will look out for them now!!

  4. I visited Goodwill By The Pound today in Scarborough and picked up an elegant, white leather (not sure if it's real) bag in excellent condition. I came home and googled the brand and found myself here. Mine is made in China and its linings aren't suede but faux-velvet.

  5. I just got a lovely black Cornell handbag in a Second hand store in Bulgaria. Since I’ve never heard that brand I googled it and here I am. Mine is also made in China but it is leather from outside and I think it’s very well made.