Sunday, April 13, 2014

Marie Seznic - A life in grey

How sweet and how lovely!  I'm so envious of early grey because there are few things more striking than a young face with silver hair - until of course you find a finely aged face with achingly simple hair.  Marie wore her's so well as a young woman and as Christian Lacroix's model in the '80s.  She made the most of her unique look with the most attractive part being that she accepted herself as is.

And so lovely still with the grey turning white.  It's such a rare treat to find someone who has aged with so much comfort in her skin, not to mention hair.

I do love grey on grey on grey (and I'd kill to find this cut of pant now).  Of course, grey and navy is outstanding.

She is inspiration for me with my increasingly grey hair and new found love of all things grey and navy.

I also want to say that long hair paired with clothes made for l'age hit make for the perfect combo of accepting one's stage in life without throwing in the proverbial towel.


  1. A beautiful woman with lovely hair - age doesn't come into it. I love the long loose hair with the navy dress. May we have an update on your hair ?

  2. Parthenope - yes, it is a nice combination. And as my daughter said, it looks so healthy. Absolutely due to give a progress report on my hair. I will get to that this weekend so stay tuned. All the best to you.

  3. Agreed. A young face with grey hair is a dream combo.
    I totally had forgotten about Lacroix' Muse, so thank you for bringing back the Memory.
    I'm curious too on your hair update, so please...

  4. Perfect hair in the top right picture with the curled pony tail and the poufed top! It looks so natural but there is a lot of work to get it to stay like that. Wish I know how to do it properly!

  5. My children call my hair "silver"
    Got to work with what you have, no?