Tuesday, February 12, 2013

A perfect suit for l'age - minus the tuque

And a very satisfying description of the pleasure to be found in blogging from the friendly Swedish blog Fine Little Day,

"Someone I met recently asked me why I blog. Well, because I enjoy it was my instinctive response. Because I like to share, to get feedback and to promote myself and others I guess, was my second comment. The third comment must is the main reason though – because the therapeutic effect it has on me, and the escape from a harsh reality."

It explains - at least to me - why I persist in this pleasure albeit sporadically!

Photo from The Sartorialist


  1. I love skirt suits-they are so grown up and womanly, but they are difficult to find at the moment.

  2. Parthenope: Yes they are difficult to find. Particularly ones that are built for the long term. Plenty of trendy little numbers around but this one above is inspired by a vintage suit I suspect.