Monday, January 14, 2013

Camel on camel



 What a pair!  What a pleasure!

So much camel on camel.  The layering is brilliant and it is perfect autumn dressing.  Of course, it's not autumn where I live, so I can only dream of being unencumbered by a real and not-so-attractive winter coat.

I love her loafers and his vest .  What an attractive couple en l'age. 

Interesting that his look is entirely matched yet not the least uptight.  Her's displays a hint of style with the deftly patterned shirt and the just-not-matching vest/sweater.  Well done.

The hair is great and relaxed, but not forgotten in both cases.  Love his hint of gray.  As I flip through the various men's style blogs I see so many men in l'age, whereas most of the women featured are decidedly not.  It seems one has to be young and model-like or  Advanced .  Anything in between is hard to feature.

Yet I persist.

He = Agnelli-esque
She = Tommy Ton


  1. Outfit looks great just that camel is not my best colour so I get a similar effect with grey.

  2. Lovely - I have blonde hair & do quite like wearing camel. Occasionally I double up.

  3. I like it, very striking because it is so monotone. As a chap, I might be tempted to add a splash of colour in a tie, pocket square, jumper, waistcoat or whatever. Would look good with grey hair too.

  4. Chic: Probably as Grey Fox says one needs a splash of colour. Both people here have a dark hair base.

    TNMA: Blond & camel is a pretty fabulous combo.