Sunday, October 28, 2012

Made for a woman

The master has been hard at it.  Ralph Lauren's Fall 2012 collection displays his mastery in the fine art of layering and covering, and being utterly feminine all the while.

Now I will not be shopping at RL - way beyond my incredibly modest budget - and where's the fun in that anyway?  I've got loads of stuff I can work with in my closet.  I'm just missing a couple of key elements.

Like a tiger skin scarf as in above.

Then there's the tie.  And I need to learn to tie it.

What I'm really after is a knitted one a la fine Italian wool on a fine Italian man.

I may have to break out the needles.

And I could use a tiger skin coat - a refreshing change from the now ubiquitous leopard.

I'm desperate for a grey skirt.  I just haven't found one in my usual (thrift) haunts.

But this is a tad slim for me.  I am after all committed to the a-line.  I may have to break the bank and head to Ann Taylor for something along these lines.

Clearly, it would be easier to just go to RL and invest my retirement fund.  Or I could spend a little time in the l'age moyen closet.

Would you like to join me?


  1. Oh, it's the hats I love, particularly the brown one in the first picture, but, yes, I probably have several similar ones already ! I must go hunting for some tiger.

  2. Hi there!
    I love all the items you selected. And there are so many ways to cheat when one has a tiny budget (consignment stores are a good place to find classic stuff).
    If there was only one item I could buy, I would go for a scarf... Not only because I am scarf addicted but because a scarf is often enough to revisit a whole outfit!
    Have a lovely day :-)
    Anne (Playing With Scarves)

  3. I am so in on the closet visit. I'll bring wine and le chocolat ma chere! I loved your choice of acc. but you'd have to talk me into the tiger thing. I bet you could too.

  4. Parthenope: I agree with you about the hats. I so prefer this style to the big floppy ones that blow off in the slightest wind. These actually work as both fashion and function.

    Anne: Absolutely in full agreement on the scarf strategy. It's downright fun to see how many ways you can rework your closet with one fabulous scarf.

    Mrs. V.: Are you kidding me? A little tiger with that pink coat. Roar.