Tuesday, July 5, 2011

L'age in the city

A few quick pics for you displaying some rather lovely looks from ladies in l'age this summer.

Dressed for business but not at all stuffy, Madame Jaune displays just the right touch of summery frivolity with her full and flowery skirt, toned down a tad by the blazer, then punctuated with yellow sandals. Nicely done.

Striding confidently out of her office tower, Madame Pinstripes(no idea how to manage this in quasi-francais)has managed to look corporate, summery and whimsical due to two important goings-on: First, the suit is linen - all the difference in the world with its softness, and secondly, her silver-thonged birkenstocks. It sounds like it might not be a good idea, but it totally worked. Maybe she returned to her corner office and donned a pair of serious pumps, but honestly, the birkenstocks looked modern and fabulous. If the suit had been in wool it might have been like the old '80s running-shoe-corporate-suit thing that we're better off to just forget. But this was different.

I must add here that in addition to her well-attended ensemble, she had a fabulous ass. Not small, you understand, but totally amazing. And she carried it off with shoulders back, head up - absolutely rocking her l'ageness. It was a good day.

Tomorrow, my favourite summer dress in l'age and why.


  1. I love the first outfit. That skirt is just the right length- showing off pretty legs in a graceful and elegant way.

  2. I've just discovered your blog and love all your posts - you have an excellent eye for timeless style, so please keep on posting! With much appreciation...

  3. I'm a big fan of the silver-thonged Birks although so far I haven't tried wearing them with a linen suit (not much need for that in my life, really), although yes with wide-legged white linen pants.
    Love the first look, especially, and I'm already mentally rifling through my closet thinking of how I'll riff on it. Thanks for getting out on the streets with your camera.

  4. Parthenope: Couldn't agree more on the length. It was such a nice subtle outfit.

    AB: Welcome! Thanks for checking in. I love comments (all bloggers do) so please jump in.

    Mater: Gorgeous with linen pants. And yes, it is quite a challenge to get out there with a camera and be camera-ready for the right moment. New appreciation for The Sartorialist. Hope you're enjoying your summer break!