Wednesday, June 29, 2011

It takes a woman in grey

Can't describe how thrilled I was to see Christine Lagarde plastered on the front page of the great white north's national newspaper. Thrilled to see a woman in l'age this commanding. Thrilled to find that she beat out a whack of perfectly competent men - which means, of course, that she is utterly brilliant. Thrilled to find her always perfectly and elegantly composed sporting her luscious and lioness grey locks.

As is so often the case, this exceptional woman is following in the wake of a man who exploited his privileges while purportedly right-balancing a world economy ravaged by a whole bunch of men (Wall St., the City, Corporate everywhere) who robbed the financial system of value to fill their own greedy pockets. I know that's a bit strong but who're we kidding here?

Let us just sit back and marvel in the power of female sensibility when it t last it has the opportunity to dazzle in a spectacular package.


  1. She looks so elegant...I love how she wears her scarves.
    Not forgetting how clever and talented she is...they made the right choice giving her the job.

  2. When I read that Christine Lagarde had been appointed to one of the most important jobs in this current financial climate I began to feel there might be hope of recovery. Not only is she a stunning role model but let us hope she brings some feminine wisdom to a very masculine orientated environment..

  3. Yes. What an inspiration !

  4. We need more women making sounds decisions in finance. Men have really made a mess of things. Are they inherently more greedy? Is that sexist of me? Who cares!