Monday, June 13, 2011

The grey advantage

Any excuse to lighten a Monday with a little DV. But I do have a point ...DV began her illustrious career at Vogue at the tender age of 58. Yeah! Can you believe it? And she was revolutionary so pshaw to all those who say style, daring, wit and avant garde is solely within the purview of the young.

And finally there might be some solid employment news to support the notion that a little grey might actually work to one's advantage. Read this article.

Now DV never showed a hair's breadth of grey and, of course, I admire and adore her for that - even though she had the highly coiffed appearance of a woman who only lunches (and I wouldn't mind that either) she was a risk-taker and a visionary and must have been an absolutely compelling (and terrifying) person to work for. But wouldn't you rather work for someone who was compelling and challenging, chic and worldly, slightly crazy and hugely generous. I would. Although, funny, smart, warm, friendly, generous would be great too - but an even rarer bird I think.

Here's a fun little post about just such an eccentric by the lovely, talented and very funny, Christina over at Fashion's Most Wanted. And her name is Bubbles, I mean, beat that!


  1. I was once at a dinner where Lady Rothermere was a guest (she hated the nickname 'Bubbles' and froze anyone who used it), and I went up in the lift with her. There wasn't much room and she glared at me. She was wearing a bright pink flounced frock like a lampshade, and she had tiny feet in pink silk slippers- they looked like little hooves. She resembled an inadequatel y- tethered pink balloon.

  2. I love the comment above and I can picture the scene exactly. Yes, she hated Bubbles but everyone still used it privately. Thank you for the mention. Have a lovely weekend xx

  3. I was just thinking about Diana Vreeland myself!