Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Vain AND Lazy

It's a bad combination. I am so vain it's ridiculous - I might have thought vanity would have peaked in my teens but, frankly, I'm probably more vain now - I mean, there's so much more to be vain about:

effects of gravity;
adult acne (totally unfair);
skin which appears to be thinning;
reduction in hair volume;
flapping arms get the picture

And despite the photos you find in this blog - I love a high maintenance look. I absolutely adore the whole nine yards: Makeup, nails, high heels, and most of all I love high maintenance hair. I just adore it when a women in l'age has beautifully coloured hair - lots of colour and/or lots of highlights - love it. Plus I love lots of styling, spray, mousse, whatever, the more the better.

So why is my hair such a savage mess? Cause I am so lazy. Root maintenance alone drives me crazy. My hair grows fast (that's my excuse) so I'm constantly using that root touch up stuff. As for styling, can't even be bothered to blow it dry. Generally, I wash it at night and sleep on it.

Now, I have tried. If you scroll back far enough you'll see my "Decisive Move" post. That was my Daphne Guinness phase. I have since come to my senses. Daphne is nothing if not a worshipper at the shrine of the high maintenance goddess, and I in turn, worship at her feet. Unfortunately, my own dance with a big bold blond streak was a result of a breakdown in communication between stylist and client.

Bear with me while I tell the tale of how it all went awry. Friday.


  1. I'm lazy too. I can make myself do something about my face every day, but I HATE going to the hairdresser. My hair grows fast also - and a fast-growing pixie is a high-maintenance animal, for colour and CUT. Every time, I swear I'll be back in three weeks, four maximum. I'd love to shave it off and wear a cool wig, but that would reqire maintenance TOO. Sigh.

  2. Oh, Mrs. C... I'm hooked too and can't wait to read the rest. But I will maintain (once again) that there is no such thing as high maintenance hair, only bad haircuts. The solution here is spelled 'Gabriel' and you know what I'm talking about. As a matter of fact, I just got a brand new summer look today. It's pretty fab if I may say so myself. Me vain? For sure. Modest? Not one bit. :)

  3. Thought I would arrive too late for the party, as I've been in Stockholm and couldn't post comments from my Blackberry. Anyway I'm now back and looking forward to the next instalment. I think I have something to contribute - I've been gazing at Swedish women with some admiration. Middle-aged women there have quite a funky style which may not be for all of us, but they certainly do good grey hair.

  4. Tiffany: I hate going to the hairdresser too. I believe the short pixie is the highest maintenance of all!

    Hostess: Thanks for stopping by.

    Veronica: Yes, yes, and I'm going to do that, too. Your hair always looks great. You've got it goin on!

    Parthenope: I envy you - dying to go to Stockholm. My impression is that women in l'age have not thrown in the towel nor have they subscribed to prescribed images of themselves. More grey, less inhibitions.

  5. so glad I found your blog! I have been dying my grey since the tender age of 16 and now - having just turned 40 - have chopped most of the dye out to start the process of 'going grey'. The last month has been torture as I dislike my short cut and can't seem to speed up the process of growing it out!
    Thank you for giving me some hope that I can be stylish (with some work) and grey at the same time! Your photos with the bicycle are wonderfully iconic. I live in hope.