Thursday, March 31, 2011

Skins and Gloves

Faux or non, it doesn't really matter to me when it comes to skins. Throwing off the winter skins means pulling out the delightfully light spring gloves, some in leather, many not - as for handbags, things slide towards the lighter and brighter side of the collection.

I do love a real slice of skin (rather violent image) on a handbag or even a shoe (my faux snakeskin skirt obviously something of an exception), but I must say a faux croc never fails to catch my eye. When putting these shots together, I was amazed at the sheer number and variety of faux crocs I have. Just goes to show it's good to reorganize the closet every once and awhile ... whether it needs it or not. I am an equal opportunity handbag hound loving a good hunk of vinyl just as dearly as a supple bit of leather. Craftsmanship, however, is non-negotiable.

The gloves span the spectrum of real kid (bone & black with buttons) to cotton, to the pure white pair made of some kind of stretch with a slight sheen. The latter looks leather-like and feels divine. I have a friend who never mounts her bike without a pair of gloves on protect the hands from the frying sun. Smart dame.

The real mccoy (that is the real snake) does glisten, doesn't it?

Luscious molasses snakeskin. Feels as silky as it looks.

I think this yellow baby is what one might refer to as a 'dispatch case'. From the days when one sent dispatches, or carried dispatches, or needed dispatches. Now I think you could slip an iPad in and you'd be good to go. The strap was missing (yes, thrifted) so I added the chain. Thought Chanel would approve.

Now to the crocs. No one does faux croc like my Cornell. The classic brown croc ...

The elusive white croc ...

The even more elusive pink croc ...

And last but not least this Frankie & Johnnie bag may be one of the the last fine examples of the great black & white giraffes that once roamed the plains of Africa ...

Next up, what is the relationship between gloves and a burgeoning mid-life crisis?


  1. What a fabulous display! That dispatch case especially caught my eye.

  2. Love the eelskin bag especially the gold accent hardware...a great colour to go with any outfit too.

  3. What a great collection! I spotted a red bag that looked like ostrich in a window in st. germain the other day -- woman came out to chastise me for taking the photo. I'll be sure to post it for you later, just to spite her ;-)

  4. Superbement élégantes, ces peaux. J'adore.

  5. Ah, gloves ! How elegant they look. 3/4 length sleeves are very flattering, as most women in moyen age have pretty wrists, but they do leave a chilly gap. Voila- the long glove. The outfit looks very polished and grown up, but there is also something discreetly alluring about the action of pulling them on and off.

  6. I am drooling over your collection of handbags and gloves. All speak of a era when elegance and chic reigned.

  7. Deja: I love the dispatch too.

    Hostess: Oh! So it's eelskin. Who knew? It is a big patch of skin that's for sure.

    Mater: Dying to see it.

    Mrs. V.: Merci, Mme!

    Parthenope: Couldn't agree more about the elegance of gloves and you make an excellent point that the wrist is a point of allure we all share.

    Donna: Glad you're enjoying the collection. It's been a lifelong passion.