Monday, January 17, 2011

Buenos Aires in my dreams

It may be -20c here but somewhere in Buenos Aires women in l'age are dancing the tango.

Love the leggings with the shoes.

A hit of red or two. And the smile - who wouldn't smile in the arms of that Leonard Cohen lookalike?

An evening dress in daytime.

It has long been my ambition to learn the tango and find a sunny plaza where a small band plays, sangria is served, and where I will dance away a Sunday afternoon. Can this happen in a northern clime? I have hope, but it's slim.

These evocative photos taken by the fabulous Mrs. V. (a photographer and so much more, see her blog here), capture a time and place where women in l'age scintillate with eclecticism, exude passion and capture the imagination of their stylish partners.

Sure, there's yoga, pilates, and bootcamp of all sorts - I'll take the tango.


  1. A wonderful colleague of mine whose adventures make me feel so staid scrimped and saved to spend an unpaid semester in Argentina during her 50th year so as to practise the tango -- and she picked up a Latin lover along the way!
    Sigh . . . Pilates class tomorrow afternoon just doesn't have the same flair!

  2. What fabulous pictures!