Tuesday, December 7, 2010


First, nice (and rare) to find inspiration in l'age at both The Sartorialist and Garance Dore.

Second, what does it matter what you have on when you're sporting these glorious cuffs. The classic Coco & Fulco de Verdura Maltese crosses below and above. DV always wore pairs of Chanel bracelets. I want some too.


  1. Those cuffs are stunning! I've been coveting some Chanel cuffs for a while now. Thanks for showing these!

  2. Fabulous! Thanks for pulling together this response to the Sartorialist's great (and yes, not too common) photo of a stunning woman of a certain age. I wear cuffs often and have a bit of a collection, but sadly, none of mine are anything near these (i.e. mine would all fit well on that page InStyle does featuring Jewelry under $100 -- even under $50!). Talk about statement pieces -- these Chanel cuffs truly are.

  3. It takes a couple of women in l'age to know a good cuff when they see one!

    Deja: Me, too! I hope to find a cheap knock-off version in some vintage/thrift store - not yet though.

    Mater: I'd love to see your cuffs - any cuffs will do in my book.