Thursday, July 2, 2015

21st Century Womenswear?

Not sure what to make of the almost knee socks and oxfords, but I rather like the ease of her friends ensemble.

Running shoes with a skirt - makes good sense but would you do it?

Fabulous colour pairing

So you can be chic and comfortable!

Masterful pattern mixing. And I like her pal's dress with matching pants. No hose - yes!

I have no idea who this woman is but there is probably some app that I could feed her photo into and it would tell me - the photo equivalent of shazam.  Anyway, I find her style quite compelling and obviously she's an incredible layerer (if that's a word, should be), but what does this mean for those of us in l'age now that we're well into the 21st century?  The individual pieces are timeless, it's the styling that makes it fashionable.  Comfort is absolutely central to this look (I would lose the toque though she wears it with panache) and it's definitely relaxed.  My common and overriding complaint with women's clothes is that they're cut too close to the body, men don't have to endure this bondage, why do we?  

I am also seeing jeans across the board loosening up, waists rising, skinny jeans mercifully on the decline, and more and more of my female colleagues sporting some variety of ballet flat, oxford or loafer.  I hope this is  more than a trend, but rather a shift on the part of female consumers to signal with our credit cards that we merit equality of cut and fabric just as much as we do equality of paycheque.

All photos by the wonderful Tommy  Ton for


  1. Love her layered menswear look, although it works much better for her long, lean build than it would for mine. And yes! I like these trends to a comfort that can, nevertheless, still be stylish, and I do hope it continues. I wonder, though, if, inevitably as there so often has been against the BB generation, there will not be a youth reaction against. . . So far, happily, young women seem to be embracing, often leading the comfort trend, as in Normcore, etc. Crossing my fingers this continues. . .

  2. Hi Mater - that's such an interesting point - they do take the opposite approach, don't they? As I'm looking at the changes taking place in fashion for the young and restless I'm seeing a big shift towards looser clothes, more menswear-inspired dressing and, frankly, less expose it all, all the time. I have hope that they've stopped buying into that BS that by baring most they are owning their sexuality. Utter nonsense. Thanks for stopping by!