Thursday, December 20, 2012

Bracing for icy blasts with Norma

I loved Norma Kamali in the '70s and love her still.  When I discovered that she was designing for Walmart in the U.S. I wrote scathing (and unanswered) emails to Walmart's head office bemoaning the fact that Norma was reserved for  their market and not available in mine.

Until I saw this coat, all I've ever wanted was a Norma Kamali swimsuit like this ...

Halter Bill - Red

 or this

$98 Bill - Sable

Coverage, a little shaping, some camouflage - what's not to love?  The only thing holding me back was the price.  But no longer.

Thanks to KamaliKulture many of her classic '70s styles are available for U.S. $98 or less !!!  I just have to endure 3 months of solid cold followed by 3 months of solid coo,l and then I will be sporting a bathing suit absolutely perfect for l'age.

Which brings me back to the coat.  It is not $98.  In fact, most of her coats are sold out and I haven't a clue what the price was, but I suspect all are out of my price range.  And it is such a shame because her coats are so modern and would be such a liberation from my sleeping-bag-with-belt-coat.   I can only hope Norma expands her KamaliKulture line to include coats. 

 Psst, this one is on sale for $145!

Too cute!


  1. I used to love Norma Kamali many years ago . A shame this is not available in the UK.