Monday, September 17, 2012

The tale of two dresses: Red and Fuschia

Could I have chosen a better door?

Here is my second treasure dress in fuschia with red belt.  Holy moly.  This number's inspiration was taken from a Club Monaco shirt/jacket I had hanging around.  My Montreal couturier pal wanted to see something that fit me just right and it does.  So from that he made this.  The mandarin colour was his idea as were the militaryish cap sleeves (which stay so darned crisp), and then the line is slim to the waist where it meets a little fullnest and out it goes.

The thing about these dresses and it brings to mind an issue I have with many current interpretations of this classic, is that you still gotta get around.  And for some of us that includes riding a bicyclette.  And yes, shocking but true, I've ridden my bike in both my designer dresses.  That's just the kind of broad I am.  So the skirt can't be so tight that it dictates how one arrives at the subway, if you know what I'm saying.

Bright - oh yeah.  I swear you can see the glow before I turn the corner, but the intensity of the colour gives me such a lift.  When all else fails, hair, flesh, veins - the works, this colour makes me feel like I've still got some game left.

Notice the handstitching.  Unbearable really.

As for the shoes, I have Michael Kors to thank for these sensible kitten heel pumps.  I absolutely adore the caramel colour and they are surprisingly comfortable.

And so that my friends is the tale of two dresses that made my summer pretty darn wonderful.

Now we're in transition.  What a pain!  One day it's 28c and I'm wearing one of these babies, and the next it's 17c and I'm in grey and navy.  I think we're going to have to deal with the trials and tribulations of early fall dressing for women in l'age.

So nice to be back.


  1. Fabulous ! Sometimes playing safe is not the way to go.

  2. Parthenope: So true. While mistakes may be made (see any and all posts regarding hair), it's so fun when they actually fly!

  3. Yep! Some dresses do not play well with bikes, and sometimes I forget when I'm shopping. A recent purchase is great all-round -- until I get on a bike and realize that the skirt is tight enough that it has to be hiked up to near-indecency for me to be able to pedal . . . okay on the island, but I wouldn't want to be arriving at any subway stops . . . ;-)