Thursday, March 15, 2012

Supermodels in l'age plus

I remember each and every one of these ladies, and they are all distressingly quite recognizable.

What's interesting is how they've managed to maintain the same look - same hair, same body shape - as they had back in the day. Of course, those of us who happen to be non-supermodels are constantly advised to update the hair and makeup, keep up, don't date yourself - and yet, these ladies nailed their personal brands and just stuck with them. O.k. probably some accommodations in terms of less hairspray (the '80s), and I'm sure some other sorts of interventions (with only the lovely Karen Bjornson admitting to it - I respect that), and one can only hope a killer exercise regime. But otherwise pretty much true to brand.

Can you imagine the advantage you might have gained being surrounded by professionals helping you craft a look so indelibly you that you carry it through into l'age and beyond, making only minor adjustments along the way? Think of how much time, money,struggle and insecurity it might have saved ....

And not a grey hair in sight. Do you preserve your 'look' or allow it to evolve? No right answer, but as one who has chosen evolution I am somewhat dazzled by the power of preservation.

What do you think?

(photo from American Harper's Bazaar, April 2012)

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