Friday, January 27, 2012

Babette and I

I'm tired, it's January and all I really want to do is watch my beloved Babette cook up a storm in that tiny grey excuse for a village. The satisfaction of a woman who is wise enough to know when she has done well, and with sufficient self-possession to express her brilliance in the quietest manner. Babette's Feast - a woman in the prime of l'age.


  1. One of my favourite films too. Such restrained elegance. Yes. Just where we are heading.

  2. This film is a wonderful portrait of a woman.
    Love Stephane Audran's face with character plissée.
    And of course, her dress from Karl Lagerfeld.

    Is your transition going forward?

  3. I love this film -- haven't watched it forever and ever. It's time. . . .
    And bon courage my blogging friend. January is almost done. We have survived! (mind you, we're only halfway through Jebruary)