Friday, May 20, 2011

Gloves, cars and a burgeoning mid-life crisis - Part 3

Yes, it's painful it's so beautiful. And nothing works better with red than black. In honour of this spectacular Karmann Ghia, I've pulled out all the stops.

Let me at it with black button leather gloves that take so long to put on the evening is over before it's begun. These gloves came from my mother's friend so I believe they're something in the vicinity of 40 years old. Quite beautiful and totally impractical for today's woman in l'age, but I love them all the same.

Kid leather is the perfect weight for a chilly spring. Coverage without insulation is what we're after. I believe this is a rainy Sunday country lunch combo, that is car and gloves (and faux Chanel bag to boot).

Next up, the indomitable combination of practicality and style.


  1. Love long gloves - I'm so glad they are back in fashion. Did you see the film 'The tourist'? Angelina Jolie had beautiful long beige suede gloves with a little buttoned flap so she could look at her wrist-watch without taking them off. I'm searching for some like that. Although as we have said before, removing long gloves is rather seductive !

  2. You are so ready to hit the road!
    I splurged on a pair of long black gloves two winters ago after ogling and caressing them for weeks and trying to talk myself out of them on the basis of practicality. Mine have zips so are no problem to get on and off, but I don't wear them often because they tend to conflict with sleeves. They're not that bulky, but still . . . I think kid would be much better, and I can see why the very slim fit, achieved through those buttons, would be preferable.
    Can't wait to see what's up next!

  3. You've got me hooked, Mrs. C.!!! Ces gants noirs sont absolument délicieux. I could have used a pair last night. Darn. Have a great weekend!

  4. Parthenope: I haven't seen that movie but I must see it if only for the gloves!

    Mater: It's true about long gloves. The softer the better and then they bunch up sort of deliciously at the wrist. 3/4 length sleeves generally drive me crazy but they do afford unique opportunities for long gloves.

    Mrs. V: I cannot believe you don't have a pair of long black gloves ... it's a whole new collection to start. Just don't mention it to Mr. V.

  5. The gloves are fabulous! xx

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